1: 1. Never feed your cat chocolate or caffeine. 2. Avoid using essential oils around your cat.

2: 3. Don't ignore regular veterinary check-ups. 4. Never declaw your cat - it's inhumane and painful.

3: 5. Avoid using flea and tick products meant for dogs. 6. Never leave your cat in a hot car.

4: 7. Don't feed your cat onions, garlic, or grapes. 8. Avoid using harsh chemicals around your cat.

5: 9. Never leave string or small objects within reach. 10. Don't skip daily playtime and exercise.

6: 11. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners. 12. Never leave toxic plants within reach.

7: 13. Don't ignore changes in behavior or eating habits. 14. Avoid overfeeding or feeding cheap, low-quality food.

8: 15. Never use your hands as toys for rough play. 16. Don't punish your cat for unwanted behavior.

9: 17. Avoid using tight collars or unsafe toys. 18. Never give your cat medications meant for humans.