1: "Start your day with a quick stretch or yoga session to wake up your body and mind."

2: "Incorporate cardio exercises like jumping jacks or running in place for a quick energy boost."

3: "Take a study break with bodyweight exercises like squats or lunges to get your blood flowing."

4: "Join a virtual workout class to stay motivated and accountable in your fitness routine."

5: "End your day with a relaxing bedtime yoga routine to unwind and de-stress."

6: "Stay hydrated and fuel your body with healthy snacks to support your workouts."

7: "Take advantage of campus fitness facilities or outdoor spaces for a change of scenery."

8: "Experiment with different types of workouts to find what you enjoy and stay consistent."

9: "Remember, exercise is not just for physical health but also for mental well-being. Prioritize your fitness!"