1: Persistent Texts Are they always reaching out? Your ex may still have feelings for you.

2: Social Media Stalking Constantly liking and commenting on your posts? They're definitely thinking about you.

3: Mutual Friends' Updates Hearing about your ex through friends? They're not over you yet.

4: Memories Shared Recalling past moments with you? Your ex is reminiscing about your bond.

5: Emotional Reactions Expressing strong emotions when discussing you? They're struggling to move on.

6: Subconscious Signs Dreaming about your ex? Their subconscious mind can't let go.

7: Seeking Closure Continually wanting closure conversations? They still care about your relationship.

8: Unfinished Business Talking about unresolved issues? Your ex may want to reconnect.

9: Mixed Signals Sending contradictory messages? They're conflicted about their feelings.


Signs Your Ex Can’t Stop Thinking