1: 1. Signs of Major Jealousy Towards You 2. Constantly comparing themselves to you 3. Unwilling to celebrate your achievements

2: 4. Making passive-aggressive comments 5. Trying to sabotage your success 6. Excessively criticizing you

3: 7. Showing signs of resentment towards you 8. Trying to one-up you in conversations 9. Spreading rumors or gossip about you

4: 10. Acting overly competitive with you 11. Being overly possessive or controlling 12. Displaying passive-aggressive behavior

5: 13. Mocking or belittling your accomplishments 14. Ignoring or downplaying your achievements 15. Exhibiting suspicious or erratic behavior

6: 16. Constantly seeking validation or approval from you 17. Becoming defensive or hostile towards you 18. Feeling threatened by your success

7: 19. Being overly critical or judgmental towards you 20. Acting overly envious of your possessions or relationships 21. Making negative or hurtful remarks about you

8: 22. Feeling insecure or inadequate in your presence 23. Trying to undermine your confidence or self-esteem 24. Behaving possessively or obsessively towards you

9: 25. Refusing to acknowledge your accomplishments 26. Acting cold or distant towards you 27. Trying to manipulate or control your actions.