1: "Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra leaks hint at upgraded camera and design."

2: "Similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the S23 is rumored to feature a powerful Exynos processor."

3: "The S23 Ultra may have a larger display similar to its predecessor, the S22 Ultra."

4: "Leaks suggest the S23 Ultra will have improved battery life, like the S22 Ultra."

5: "Rumors indicate the S23 Ultra will come with S Pen support, a feature seen in the S22 Ultra."

6: "The S23 Ultra could have a higher refresh rate display like the S22 Ultra."

7: "Similar to the S22 Ultra, the S23 may have enhanced software features for better performance."

8: "Leaks suggest the S23 Ultra will have a sleeker design, inspired by the Galaxy S22 Ultra."

9: "With leaked information about the S23 Ultra, it's clear that Samsung is building on the success of the S22 Ultra."