1: "Prep Your Hair" Start with clean, dry hair. Use a heat protectant spray.

2: "Choose the Right Tools" Select a curling iron or wand based on your desired curl size.

3: "Section Your Hair" Divide your hair into small sections for even curls.

4: "Start Curling" Wrap each section of hair around the iron away from your face.

5: "Hold and Release" Hold the hair for 10-15 seconds, then release.

6: "Repeat the Process" Continue curling each section until your whole head is done.

7: "Set Your Curls" Let your curls cool before running your fingers through them.

8: "Finish with Products" Add hairspray or texturizing spray for hold and volume.

9: "Enjoy Your Professional-Looking Curls" Now you can flaunt your beautifully curled hair with confidence!