1: Title: Introduction to Smokey Eye Makeup Content: Learn how to create a flattering smokey eye makeup look perfect for women over 40.

2: Title: Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Content: Opt for neutral shades like browns and grays to create a subtle yet sophisticated smokey eye.

3: Title: Prep Your Eyes for Makeup Content: Prime your eyelids with a good eyeshadow base to ensure long-lasting smokey eye makeup.

4: Title: Applying Eyeshadow Like a Pro Content: Blend eyeshadow in a gradient effect from dark to light to achieve a classic smokey eye look.

5: Title: Adding Depth with Eyeliner Content: Use a soft eyeliner pencil to line your eyes and create definition for your smokey eye makeup.

6: Title: Curling Your Lashes Content: Curl your lashes before applying mascara to open up your eyes and complement your smokey eye look.

7: Title: Finishing Touches Content: Fill in your brows, add a touch of highlighter, and finish with a nude lip to complete your smokey eye makeup.

8: Title: Day to Night Transition Content: Transform your daytime look into a sultry evening smokey eye with a few extra touches and darker shadow.

9: Title: Rocking a Smokey Eye After 40 Content: Embrace your age and confidence with a chic and age-appropriate smokey eye makeup look for any occasion.