1: Wolves Wolves are apex predators that can intimidate coyotes with their size and pack mentality.

2: Bears Bears are large, powerful animals that coyotes steer clear of due to the threat they pose.

3: Mountain Lions Mountain lions are stealthy predators that keep coyotes at bay with their speed and strength.

4: Bobcats Bobcats are agile hunters that coyotes avoid as they compete for the same prey.

5: Eagles Eagles are majestic birds of prey that coyotes fear due to their sharp talons and keen eyesight.

6: Hyenas Hyenas are scavengers known for their cunning and aggression, making them formidable opponents for coyotes.

7: Alligators Alligators are fearsome predators that coyotes stay away from, especially near bodies of water.

8: Komodo Dragons Komodo dragons are massive reptiles that coyotes know to avoid due to their deadly bite.

9: Tasmanian Devils Tasmanian devils are fierce and aggressive animals that coyotes give a wide berth to in the wild.