1: Fans of "A Discovery of Witches" have been disappointed to hear that season 4 is not happening.

2: However, there is hope as a spinoff of the popular show might be in the works.

3: The main cast members are reportedly excited about the possibility of continuing the story in a new format.

4: While details are scarce, speculations suggest that the spinoff could explore different characters and storylines.

5: The producers are keeping tight-lipped about the potential spinoff, but fans remain hopeful.

6: In the meantime, fans can catch up on the previous seasons of "A Discovery of Witches" to satisfy their cravings.

7: Stay tuned for updates on the rumored spinoff as more information becomes available.

8: Despite the disappointment of no season 4, the future looks promising for the world of "A Discovery of Witches."

9: Excitement and anticipation are building as fans eagerly await news of the spinoff's development.