1: Discover Spain's iconic Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, a masterpiece of Gaudi's architecture.

2: Explore the historic Alhambra Palace in Granada, showcasing stunning Moorish design and intricate details.

3: Visit Madrid's lively Plaza Mayor, bustling with street performers, cafes, and historic charm.

4: Plan your Spain trip by learning basic Spanish phrases and exploring local cuisine.

5: Pack light and comfortable clothing for Spain's warm climate and varied landscapes.

6: Try traditional Spanish dishes like paella, tapas, and churros to experience the local culinary scene.

7: Book guided tours for landmarks like the Prado Museum, Park Guell, and the Cathedral of Seville.

8: Learn about Spain's rich history and culture to fully appreciate the country's landmarks.

9: Immerse yourself in Spain's vibrant culture by attending flamenco shows, festivals, and local markets.