1: "Start with easy poses like Child's Pose and Cat-Cow to build strength and flexibility."

2: "Move on to Downward Dog and Forward Fold for a deeper stretch in the hamstrings and spine."

3: "Warrior I and Warrior II will help improve balance, focus, and leg strength."

4: "Bridge Pose and Cobra Pose are great for opening up the chest and strengthening the back."

5: "Try Tree Pose and Triangle Pose to work on balance and improve posture."

6: "Seated Forward Bend and Pigeon Pose target the hips and lower back for relief from tight muscles."

7: "Supine Twist and Happy Baby Pose help release tension in the spine and hips."

8: "Practice these poses regularly to increase flexibility and reduce stress in the body."

9: "Consult a yoga instructor for proper alignment and modifications as a beginner."