1: "Classic French tips with a twist: try adding a dash of glitter for a glam look."

2: "Reverse French manicure: swap the colors for a modern update on a classic."

3: "Double French tips: layer two different colors for a fun and trendy design."

4: "French ombre nails: blend two colors together for a chic and subtle look."

5: "French manicure with nail art: add your own creative touch with designs like flowers or stars."

6: "Matte French tips: try a matte top coat for a sophisticated and matte finish."

7: "French manicure with a pop of color: add a bright color to the tips for a bold statement."

8: "Negative space French manicure: leave part of your nail bare for a modern and minimalist style."

9: "French manicure with a metallic accent: add a touch of metallic chrome for a futuristic vibe."