1: 1. Excitement about new opportunities. 2. Anxiety of making a good impression.

2: 3. Eagerness to impress potential employers. 4. Nervousness about the interview process.

3: 5. Frustration of rejection letters. 6. Hope for positive feedback from recruiters.

4: 7. Confidence in your skills and experience. 8. Imposter syndrome doubts creeping in.

5: 9. Anticipation of job offer negotiations. 10. Relief and satisfaction upon securing a job.

6: 11. Curiosity about company culture and team dynamics. 12. Stress from balancing multiple interviews.

7: 13. Gratitude for networking opportunities. 14. Fears of not meeting expectations in the new role.

8: 15. Determination to succeed in your career. 16. Impatience for the hiring process to unfold.

9: 17. Optimism for a bright future ahead. 18. Excitement at the prospect of a new beginning.